Extra in English

Consultation and patent presentation if we can not meet personally. Now the patent cake can only be judged if we eat from it, it is a special consultation. Businesses can not be handed over and can not be sold in stores.

A short process of consultation. You send cake recipes I convert, prepare, send and you can eat it. I’m allowed to study in the lab sugar, fructose, and con syrup in cakes. I make samples from cakes. You write if you bring the cakes to the laboratory.

Three, five days to prepare. My suggestion for a mini party. If you have a favorite sugar cake I’ll convert it, it will be sweet sugars and you can have bacon, cheese, sausage meats etc which you love to eat. For example, ANZAC PARTY. pictures. She answers cakes that can handle postal delivery.

Unfortunately there are costs you have to pay for. Look at the photos, they can help.

  1. Materials
  2. Energy costs
  3. Packaging materials
  4. Postage Cost

About the prices.

If you order cookies send the recipes. You can calculate based on the recipes the price of raw materials.

I calculate the amount of other costs I write. If you are eligible for the full cost of your payment:

  1. You get the price of the materials, ask me to send the bank account number.
  2. I prepare the cakes for the cakes I take and I will send the photos to you.

3.You will send me the receipt of the cakes you pay for the difference.


Thank you for your patience. I also eat “matej” cakes.