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In the world there are 203 countries in just thirty years, the Chinese primer minister made a statement proper nutrition to children.

Wen Jiabao started the milk program is current!
The Chinese people themselves are low in calcium.
South China Morning
PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 July, 2013, 12:00am
It’s much healthier to focus on a pure or concentrated source of calcium, such as milk
Hongkongers are sorely lacking calcium in their diet, according to a recent poll of more than 1,300 people. The average intake of the vital mineral is only 574mg, a far cry from the recommended 1,000mg. Measured in China 430 mg

Lactose intolerce.
China 1.28 billion live in lactose intolerant people.
NCBI J Am Diet Assoc. 1996 Mar;96(3):243-6.
How much lactose is low lactose?

No significant increase in breath hydrogen production or intolerance symptoms occurred after consumption of a 2-g dose of lactose. Up to 6 g was tolerated, even though maldigestion could be measured at the 6-g dose. Thus, lactose maldigesters may be able to tolerate foods containing 6 g lactose or less per serving, such as hard cheeses and small servings (120 mL or less) of milk.
I mean lactose sensitivity. J Vaszily.
From children to old age every day plus 600 mg of calcium from the bones, the bones will be worth more than gold.
One third of the world living with diabetes in China – 114 million people -. I do not know how much of the public support of diabetes in China. Let’s look at the American support.
USA 2015 diabetes 32 million prediabets 83 million peopl.
The American Diabetes Association estimates that the total national cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States is $245 billion.
On March 22, 2018, the American Association for Diabetes (Association) published new research that estimated that the total cost of diagnosed diabetes increased to $ 327 billion in 2017 in 2012 to $ 245 billion in 2012 when the cost was last reviewed.
This figure represents a 26% increase over five years.
32 million diabetes in the US in 2017 cost $ 327 billion.
114 million diabetes in China how much $ billion in cost?

Dr Robert Lustig University of California, San Francisco, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.
The past 30 years have seen a dramatic increase in the proportion of children with from obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, which drive up health care costs and contribute to premature mortality. The etiology(ies) of metabolic syndrome remain(s) unknown. The racial/ethnic presentations of metabolic syndrome differ, especially in children. Obese Latino children exhibit the highest prevalence of dyslipidemia, visceral adiposity, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD); African American children present instead with hypertension, worsened insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra
One of the most prominent cardiologists in Britain and Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the world leader in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, has successfully led the campaign against excessive sugar consumption.
He came to the conclusion that “simple lifestyle changes, such as less sugar consumption, are stronger than any prescribed medication”. He came to the conclusion that “simple lifestyle changes, such as less sugar consumption, are stronger than any prescribed medication. ”
Dr Aseem is not fat, but sugar is the biggest threat.

PATENT.Sugar confectionery products
WO 1995016355 A1

The patent helps to withstand diabetes, increasing the calcium content of the bones.
The patent guarantees: milk proteins cause sugars, pears do not need to use sugar, fructose and other sweet sugars. In 100g of product, 2 to 4 g of lactose is Ca content 205.4 mg. A human bone friend gives calcium to the bones. Calculation of sugars must be made. Each country can convert its authentic products, the new recipes will have no sugar, fructose other sweet sugars.
Calculations can be learned, schools can be taught.
The patent exra gives creative cookie to chef because every dough can be sweet and not sweet. You make a party bowl there with the products 70% will not be sweet the dessert will be 30% sweet. I make my party products on that basis. Important: Products made under the patent are not more expensive than sugar products.

Thank you for your patience, I wish you good health:
Vaszily József


Piskóta árak – Sponge caces price 1 piese g $USA 100 g/ CH /LAC g       Sugars
1.megatej sponge cace NO SWEET 550 2,14 27,9           2,0 NO
2.megatej sponge caces SWEET 550 2,96 27,9           2,0 NO
3.Sponge caces whit corn syrup dry 550 3,02 36,4               0,0 YES
4. Sponge cace whit sugar 550 3,04 41,8               0,0 YES
5.Sponge cace whit fructose 550 3,15 41,5               0,0 YES
6. Spoonge cace whit corn syrup 550 3,78 36,4               0,0 YES
7. megatej rice sponge cace NO SWEET 550 0,00 28,7               2,2 NO  (Chine)
8. megatej rice sponge cace SWEET 550 0,00 28,7             2,2 NO  ( Chine)

This statistic shows the consumption of snack cakes, in the United States in 2016 Data was calculated using Statistic by United States Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (-NHCS). According to the statistics, 141,080,000 Americans consume nutrition cake 2016.
Globally 141 million tonnes of NHCS cakes are sold annually.