Dear Madam,
Dear Gentlemen,

            You love your homeland, love to trust people there. Your people must be safe, if you have to protect children’s health, you will do everything for them.
My idol Philip Ignatius Semmelweis is the savior of mothers. Semmelweis could not write a letter to the UN I will do it.
Thirty years ago, because of diabetes, I started to develop milk-based cakes and got talent. Cakes do not contain sugars, fructose other sweet sugars. There are sugars and gluten-free products in China, it may be important for rice flour. Terry H Lipman’s highly researched research in Philadelphia. Over the past 20 years, a 70% increase in Type 1 diabetes was found in the 0-5 year old children. The child was not born, but he has already become diabetic, he has not inherited diabetes.
According to science, desserts made without milk-based sugars help diabetic patients to help millions of people in osteoporosis (100g / 6g LAC) I’ve followed science all the way scientists and doctors take into account when making the products.
What do I suggest: the new procedure needs to be taught in schools, especially the gluten-free products need expertise. Education needs political support for state aid. I give you all the professional help I’ve learned in thirty years. In 2000 I published two recipebooks (later revised), I would have needed to present the production of the products, they would have produced the products. I did not release the revised recipe collection, I did not have any money.
A mathematical table has been prepared on which all countries (193) can make their own cakes without sugars. There are exceptions, for example, egg white with a lot of sugar with little flour the non-pasta on the basis of the patent can not be made. In addition to the pasta, proper cream recipes are also ready. Great business is also a talent. People do not even want to believe it. Milk proteins provide the pasta structure so cookies can be salted and sweetly prepared. I can only show it in presentations.


I have to talk about it: human health is profit and envy.
Semmelweis’s medical knowledge was acknowledged, but in the case of a small chlorine it was necessary to die between the pains of thirteen days. No one counted afterwards how many children and how many mother could have been saved. No one accounted for how much state money was paid by people’s taxes.
If thirty years ago the production of milk-based cakes was introduced in the world, how many children are escaping from diabetes, how much amputation should not have been done. How many billions of people the bone would have been boosted by Calcium. How many millions of dollars they could have saved.
In what situation am I: Many of us in Hungary are going to be in Semmelweis. I financed innovation alone, but the Hungarian state wants to get everything. On the web site I can prove these. With the doctors I agreed, I do not want to be a doctor, instead of a doctor, the doctor will not be a confectioner instead of the confectioner. There is a doctor in the family with my sister doctor, considering me as a mentor. Scientific work for sugar is the task of making cakes.
International experiences: I have held a demonstration in Germany Bonn, I was in Israel I was looking at working with milk, I was a year in the USA I was able to prepare a little party for Colombus OH friends. (The English is hard to go.) The results are similar to the recognition of Semmelweis.
I’m looking for a country that wants to help people with diabetes and osteoporosis.

Honest Admirer: József Vaszily

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