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My brother, József Vaszily, confectioner and chef, has worked for 30 years as a patent called “Megatej”. The essence of this process is that cakes do not contain sugars, fructose, glucose and other sweet sugars. We ate our family and close acquaintances – including biscuits, cakes, biscuits and milk-based cakes, which completely deplete the enjoyment value of the consumed cake outside the sight. The products contain lactose under 100g / 6g, so much lactose can be consumed by all lactose, and in the case of osteoporosis, the human body gets extra Ca. No member of our family grew fat, did not become diabetic and our wallet did not feel it.

Doctor visitors did not ask for me once I know a so-called “uniqueness,” they are eager to embrace and try to help make sure that this is not unique to people, but to people who are ill.

We have been presenting several times and several places. I have received many honors in my country and abroad but I did not find a real supporter.

In my opinion, WHO could do a lot to not forget this very valuable patent, but to serve the healthy lifestyle of mankind, the prevention of complications that are very important from a medical point of view, and the development of complications.

You can find all the details on my brother’s web site.

I would recommend it to everyone for your respect and affection
Dr. Maria Vaszily
is a neuroscientist, a pediatrician chief physician, a lawyer mental health expert

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