Whyis the “Hungarian people crowd” negative?

In the United Nations, you can meet withhundreds of people from Hungary who work with them, but there is a”Hungarian people crowd”, who were in 1989 granted the NDK residents in Hungary. They opened the borders, thanked us, “thank you” the “Hungarian people crowd” broke down: theydestroyed their factories, agriculture, money and unemployment.
The “Hungarian people crowd”, ie those who faced the soviets in 1956, then inhumane retaliation, were hangedby thousands of innocent people.


June4happyin the world Trianon wasfragmented Hungary.So whydid no Ede Teller  up thehydrogenbomb for why?

The “Hungarian people crowd” in 1848 was confronted with the Habsburgs, with terrible retaliation.
The Hungarian can be beaten like Ignatius Semmelweis.

Jason Neumann, the father of the modern computer, was cryingin heaven on April8, 2018, on the day of the Hungarian election, when the computer system collapsed, there was no such thing in the EU. Nobodyprotested.

Now they want to take away the homes of the “Hungarian people’s mass” from this CHF currency loan. Banks did not have their CHF currency if they could have been sold, so they would have been able to withdraw from the contract at 77.52%. Nobody protests in Europe, they have forgotten the opening in 1989. Hungary is now led by people who are happy with the suffering of the “Hungarian people’s crowd”.
What I do I can enroll in the Pázmány Senior University I am already in five Psychology Seminars. My goal was to find out why I’m stupid! I learned who can be called psychopaths.