Dear Madame,
Dear Sir.
I wish you this kind of greeting will please you, and you can do it to keep it good. Welcome to my web page.
Money is a big master, $ 3, 2 billion dollars for a lot of money, although this amount is only 1% to $ 327 billion, which US state support in 2017 for diabetes. 1.2 billion people also suffer from so many people with osteoporosis (osteoporosis) in China. The dream of a Chinese prime minister is that all Chinese children drink half a liter of milk a day. UN has 193 member countries, many countries I wrote to the UN for all FAO and WHO offices.
Thirty years ago, God told us, He knew the world would be in great trouble. All the sugar that God sent to the earth there was transformed by humans and the transformed sugars became poisonous.God is a message to me, an anonymous one to a confectioner: make dairy-based cakes and get used to using honey, so KANAN is a kingdom of God.
I made dairy-based cakes that do not contain toxic sugars, God will be sweet, will be salty, not more expensive than cakes made with sugars, do not poison the baby in the mother’s body. And God wanted him to have a mathematical formula so that every country could use talent.
No one of the people representing 193 countries ever thought of God, maybe God did. They didn’t tell the Chinese people that there was a glass of milk in the cakes, they didn’t tell the American friends, they could save $ 3.2 billion. They didn’t remember many diabetic children and they didn’t remember the Bible.
“Verily, I say unto you, Thou hast not done this to me by one of these little ones.”
Mt 25,31-46
I have written in many places Ignác Semmelweis my role model, he was beaten to death because of a little chlorine, and the many dead mothers and babies did not count.
A priest told me, “if you don’t, it will happen”. I’ve read that human nature hasn’t changed since the Stone Age! But I know there are many, many people who want to help others and many are working on disease prevention.
Satan put envy in the souls of every man, just put it down for a few minutes until we ask you to eat sugar from our bones, don’t poison the sugar at least the kids. The dear reader, if you decide to continue with the REQUEST, will be surprised to tell you at a particular place and time: now say!
Thanks. I wish health and peace: József Vaszily