Covid 19 and sugar


It is no coincidence that COVID 19 and SUGAR met. COVID 19 is the science that the virus is the lifeblood of the carbohydrate, sugar and the encounter of the virus is indeed a death-sharing pair. COVID 19 appeared in all ages, but took most of its victims from older people.
Sugar in the slow killer also causes diseases in all ages: osteoporosis, high blood pressure, memory impairment, vision deterioration, causes damage to the liver, kidneys,
Diabetes is a separate category of disease caused by sugar. “Diabetes may be one of the causes of viral disease because the body’s tendency to inflammation increases.”
They say COVID 19 is coming back, but it is conceivable that a modified COVID 19 will come back and meanwhile the sugar will go its own slow lethal path.
Sugar consumption is not restricted by anyone, nothing.
A significant part of the taxes paid on sugar and sugar products is spent on curing diseases caused by sugar. The surgeon would not amputate a leg if he could cure it.
In 2019, the WHO blew a sugar tax, virtually nothing happens. In 2018, I sent a letter to the UN, WHO, FAO to support the production of cakes. No response was received. In dairy cakes, caramelizable sugars are replaced by milk proteins. You don’t have to put many millions of tons of crackers in sugar! (200 g / 32 g sugar) There is no need to put sugar in the many billions of hamburger buns (1 million hamburger buns contain 1,870 kg of sugar, if true, 1 million hamburger buns are sold worldwide in 1 minute.) Sugar production 2019 -2020 will be around 187.0 million tonnes, but excluding fructose / toxic) and its derivatives, sugar alcohol, corn syrup and products that can be used as sugar.
If there is no paradigm shift and no people are appointed to get paid to research everything that limits sugar consumption, then the word stays and sugar kills on with a smile.
Ignác Semmelweis changed paradigm I, following him, claim, on the basis of a patent kept in Geneva, that sugars in baked pasta can be replaced by milk proteins.
Semmelweist was beaten to death by a little chlorine, don’t do this to me for a little milk.
God converted sugars to milk, Jews say if there is no milk, there is no man today, so milk and dairy products are processed in “quarantine”.
In twenty years, the number of 1-day-olds has increased by 70% in the group of children aged 0-5, so let’s not fight.
I’m looking for supporters from around the world who don’t look at YOU OR look at YOU
WHAT YOU KNOW. Anyone who hasn’t eaten pastries can’t even comment.
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