You have to know

You should know that in 1980, you could not have been your own business, restaurant, confectionary, market etc. I opened my first confectionary dessert in 1982 in the neighborhood of Eger in Andornaktalya (in English you do not have the chance to say). The confectionery was successful. It was here that Smid Zsolti’s diabetes boy and his family came to me to make a diabetes cake for them. The Calvary started. I was prepared with diabetes cake with fructose, then I was upset about fructose because it was very expensive. I have to say something different, think about the solution and God sent milk proteins. I know that Terry H Lipman Philadelphia has been studying a period between 1984 and 2004 in the 0-5 year old children’s group, over twenty years, 70% of men have grown in diabetes. Only God exists in Philadelphia’s relationship with Andornaktalya  court. Later, Dr. Robert Lustig and the research team proved: “..fructose is toxic”In 1990 the change of regime came in Hungary, which did not become a change of regime, simply opening the border. The Soviets punished the Hungarian people for stopping them. They came from the developed world as a  businessmans  and looted Hungary. Bank interest rates ranged from 40 to 50%. Then I built my new plant in Eger. Workable people were 40-50% unemployed. We have not been accepted in Eger from 1992 until 2018 to do everything we can to work, and now we can not work on the plant in the picture.I was in America for a year to gain experience. In America, they help everybody who wants to start a business. In Eger, they are doing everything we can to work so that we can not make patent cakes. Semmelweis’s age remained here. You’d be amused.

What I do I can enroll in the Pázmány Senior University I am already in five Psychology Seminars. My goal was to find out why I’m stupid! I’ve learned most of the sciences do not use the world.